Alex Trost
Hey, I'm Alex Trost, a 2nd grade teacher and programmer from Philadelphia, now living in New Haven. I like solving problems and eliminating repetitive tasks with code. I want to help teachers focus on the kids and let computers stress about the rest.

I work in a data-intense school and realized I wasn't nearly as good at parsing the hundreds of data points as a computer would be. So my first summer vacation, I taught myself Python so I could make a Django webapp. My little school of 300 kids and teachers use it to make learning just a bit easier.

I tossed a lot of problems at my webapp and wanted to take my learning further, so I got a Google Developer Challenge Scholarship to help me learn front end languages and frameworks like JavaScript and React. From there I'm taking the full Udacity Front End Nanodegree while teaching.

Grow with Google Developer Challenge Scholarship

Proficiencies and Skills

These are only things that I feel like I can sit down and use in a project today. Things I used to use but have grown rusty with (like Maya and InDesign) aren't listed here.

  • Python
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Lightroom